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Vinay Menon

Vinay Menon was born in Akron, Ohio, not far from WMMS in Cleveland, the first U.S. radio station to play a RUSH song in 1974.

His family soon moved to North York, Ont., not far from where Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson were raised. Vinay joined the Toronto Star in 1997 as a city reporter. Two years later, he became the paperís first pop culture reporter. In 2002, Vinay was appointed the Starís daily TV critic, a position he held for six years before writing a humour column for Page 2. He currently writes arts and lifestyle features. His award-winning work has been cited in various pop cultural books and news publications, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, People, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today. He holds a science degree from the University of Toronto and lives downtown with his wife and 6-year-old twin daughters.