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Breaking a news story takes dedication, sometimes for years. It requires curiosity,
determination and a commitment to delivering the truth to a public who deserve
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Michele Henry

Michele Henry A National Newspaper Award-nominated investigative reporter, food writer and mother of two small children, Michele Henry is equally at home at a homicide crime scene, in front of a flaming gas stove and at an indoor jungle gym. She has written prolifically since joining the Star in 2005 about crime, pregnancy, as a Star blogger while on two maternity leaves, and an investigative reporter where she tackled issues such as insurance fraud and illegal dentists. Michele was nominated for a national newspaper award for a series about how police are above the law. Now, as a food reporter, Michele has cooked with celebrity chefs such as Nigella Lawson, and covered a range of issues such as what it means to keep kosher. She loves digging into controversial issues.