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Breaking a news story takes dedication, sometimes for years. It requires curiosity,
determination and a commitment to delivering the truth to a public who deserve
nothing less. Star journalists are held in the highest regard for their integrity, accuracy and relentless pursuit of news stories that need telling.

Linda Diebel & Liam Casey

Linda Diebel, an award-winning political reporter, has worked across Canada, including on Parliament Hill and as the Star's bureau chief in Washington and Latin America. She has written two books, Betrayed: The Assassination of Digna Ochoa, and Stéphane Dion: Against the Current. She's been described as "that mean Diebel person" by President George H. W. Bush and someone "with a good head on her shoulders" by Noam Chomsky. They're probably both right.

Liam Casey has worked at the Toronto Star since 2010, spending most of the time in the city section. He's worked on several large series, including post-traumatic stress disorder among police officers and a series on the broken mental health system. He was part of the team that won a National Newspaper Award for the Star's G20 coverage and was named Best New Writer at the 2012 National Magazine Awards for his piece in the Ryerson Review of Journalism about suicide reporting. He was a scientist before moving to journalism.