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By Paul Hunter and Joseph Hall
The Maple Leafs are in the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade. With that success – an accomplishment once considered routine in Toronto - they are restoring a city’s sense of pride in a team that has wallowed without a Stanley Cup since 1967. The current players are well aware that it is up to them to mend a tattered legacy while the 1967 Leaf heroes are ready and willing to, in the words of Ron Ellis, “pass on the baton. It’s been too long.”

Toronto Star reporters Joseph Hall and Paul Hunter check in with the hockey legends who last paraded a Stanley Cup down Bay Street to gauge their reaction to the youthful Leafs team that is capturing a city’s heart and to listen to the advice they have for those who may inherit their mantles. Colourful and entertaining, Maple Leafs: Catching Up with the Past will rekindle memories of a glorious spring from far too long ago, and speak of the hopes of a city for the coming challenge.

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